Prizes ranging from $500 to $1500 will be awarded for:

  • Most creative solution
  • Idea with the greatest financial impact
  • Best presentation
  • Best use of tools
  • Best technical approach

About the Big Data Challenge

Judging will take place on Thursday November 12th, giving teams over a month to work with the data. Teams will be given a computer with a projector to present to the judges.

Date:Thursday, November 12th

Times: Noon - 2:00 pm

Location:Innovation Greenhouse UNT, 307 S. Avenue B, Sycamore Hall 119


If You Missed the Kickoff, Watch These Video Recaps

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The Big Data Challenge is an opportunity for UNT students to get their hands on real data from DHISCO, an international technology company that distributes content, pricing, and availability data for hotel bookings. Being the largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, DHISCO is sharing 14 terabytes of data with participants. Teams of students will work through these data sets and design solutions for best analyzing big data resources. Teams can be formed before or during the Big Data Challenge. At the end of the challenge teams will present their findings to be judged for cash prizes.

Participants will

  • Interpret data as a means to further course knowledge
  • See if big data will play a role in their future careers
  • Challenge their analytical skills
  • Present to Executives, including CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs
  • Have fun and win real money 



Making 14 Terabytes of Hospitality Data Available to You

Presented by Innovation Greenhouse & DHISCO, inc.

Since 1989, the Distribution Hospitality Intelligent Systems Company has been providing innovative distribution technology that enables hotel bookings around the globe. Their products provide the distribution of rates, availability, and hotel content to meet the connectivity needs of over 100,00 hotels worldwide as well as thousands of online travel sites and all four global distribution systems. DHISCO sees over nine billion transactions a month and facilities over $13 billion dollars in annual bookings. They have built their reputation on efficiency and affordability and now want to share their data with you.